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Committed to empowering families toward healthy, independent living through shelter and supportive services.


Rooted in the example of the Holy Family, the mission of JALS Inc., dba Doors of Hope Geauga is to provide a sanctuary of hope for homeless families of Geauga County by providing shelter and supportive services empowering families toward healthy, independent living.


Doors of Hope Geauga offers services to all Geauga families that present as homeless. Families of any composition are eligible, but must include at least one child under the age of 18. Self-referrals, as well as referrals from local social services providers, schools, childcare centers, community centers, churches and United Way 211 are considered.

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Safe housing is critical for families to sustain themselves, maintain employment, and engage children in education. Doors of Hope Geauga connects families facing homelessness with stable, independent living. Additionally, they provide temporary housing, food, and basic living needs.

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Doors of Hope Geauga works in partnership with each family to understand their individual journey and develop a roadmap out of homelessness into independence. Critical to this effort will be an assessment of each family to identify services needed, including the review of benefits. Doors of Hope helps with housing searches, employment, and/or education.  They also promote educational enrichment for children and make connections with community partners. Hear from Renee Castrigano, board treasurer for Doors of Hope Geauga, on the importance of the organization's work in Geauga County via the United Way website here.

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  • Welcome Community 

  • Expect Accountability 

  • Serve with Integrity 

  • Faithful Stewardship 

  • Leave with Dignity

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Conversations with key community partners such as United Way of Geauga County, Catholic Charities, Geauga County Job & Family Services, Ravenwood and area churches revealed that there is a gap in service for families that find themselves homeless because of life circumstances.

All local providers and churches contacted reported receiving calls from families seeking shelter. In its 2020 Virtual Needs Assessment of Geauga County, United Way reports that over 28% of adults aged 18-64 identified housing as one of the top five needs in the community.

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